Catching the Moon 2020︎

Video installation


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︎Monkey Catching the Moon is an old Chinese fable: a group of monkeys wants to catch the moon and think that the moon's reflection on the water is the real moon, so they try their best to catch it but are only in vain. As I grew up, anything about the period could not be seen but be laughed at or even insulted. A sense of period shame that has been with many girls, including me, for many years.

The image of the period in today's patriarchal society is like the reflection of the moon on the water in the Monkey Catching the Moon. It does exist but only like to avoid. All the struggle for it is likely to become futile, but the spirit of catching the moon should continue. Simultaneously, the gesture to wipe period and the gesture to catch the moon reaches a consensus and connection, such as a kind of revolutionary call.

So I would like to be the monkey in the story, using the results produced by the moon-catching gesture and wiping-period gesture to do integrated performance under the projection, to form a reflection of the period in today's society: existing but equivalent to nothing.︎