she / it

born in 1998, China.

currently based in London, UK

XINYU XUXX is a Chinese-born. London-based image artist and screening organiser.

She is one of the organisers of If Splash as your Whitsle 水哨, a programme showcases queer, diasporic moving images and artist films through multimedia art events. 

Xinyu’s practice is based on the image as the medium, including moving images, prints, video installations, and short films. Currently, she is exploring the vulnerability and performativity of the image as a digital body, contribute to the visual intimacy and caring experience, how the image uses its own fluid body to inhabit different spaces and times, providing in-between spaces for the marginalised body in the context of diasporic queerness.


︎  instagram: xinyuiris

email: xinyuxuiris@ gmail.com


2021- 9/2023     MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

2020-2021     Graduate diploma, Fine Art, Royal College of Art, UK

2016-2020     BA Fashion Design, China Academy of Art, China

Exhibition / Award:

2023 July Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show

2023 May If Splash as Your Whistle, as the screening/event organiser and artist, Goldsmiths Contemporary Art Centre CCA residency space, London

2023 May collaborating short film BUBBLES shown as part of Videoclub screening in Berlin at Sameheads &  in New York at the living gallery

2023 Feb Quote unquote, Ugly Duck, Bermondsey, London

2022 Aug Omitted References, The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, London

2022 July Riposte London  (queer art Pride rave), Electrowerkz, London -as collaborating artist

2022 May Our Body Are Portal, Asylum Chapel, London

2022 May At the edge of safe house, Safe House, Peckham, London

2022 March Futures After, Peacock, Catford, London

2021 Dec ON HOLD, Goldsmiths,London

2021 part of The Land From Which We Come (zine) - Sola Journal

2021 The Law of Alchemy - Three Shadows gallery, Beijing, China

2021 Double Interval - Huangshan, China - as curator & artist

2021 White City constructing for the uninhabited - Hoxton 253 Gallery, London

2020 Lin Fengmian Creative Award given by China Academy of Art

2020 Photopia, Labelhood Shanghai, China - as collaborating artist

2020 Isolation, Ephemeral Gallery online show

2019 Shanghai Fashion week showroom assistant / HAO Art festival photographer

Catching the Moon 2020︎

Video installation


click pic to watch the video

︎Monkey Catching the Moon is an old Chinese fable: a group of monkeys wants to catch the moon and think that the moon's reflection on the water is the real moon, so they try their best to catch it but are only in vain. As I grew up, anything about the period could not be seen but be laughed at or even insulted. A sense of period shame that has been with many girls, including me, for many years.

The image of the period in today's patriarchal society is like the reflection of the moon on the water in the Monkey Catching the Moon. It does exist but only like to avoid. All the struggle for it is likely to become futile, but the spirit of catching the moon should continue. Simultaneously, the gesture to wipe period and the gesture to catch the moon reaches a consensus and connection, such as a kind of revolutionary call.

So I would like to be the monkey in the story, using the results produced by the moon-catching gesture and wiping-period gesture to do integrated performance under the projection, to form a reflection of the period in today's society: existing but equivalent to nothing.︎




B&W video with sound


Negative Capability : I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.

—The first mention of negative capability in a letter to brothers George Keats and Thomas Keats on December 8, 1817

Inspired by the unconscious rambling experience of myself at night in Shanghai,2020. A human activity filled with uncertainties, darkness, mysteries, and doubts that turns introspection into outdoor activity, in which the mind, while the body operates only daily takes a grand adventure to put aside all knowledge that it knew. Such activity is designed to free one from the bonds and constraints of a human's identity. By gradually abandoning the likes and dislikes and the individuality, the one is degenerating into "nothing" and is slowly accepting "everything," reaching the balance of the non-subject object relationship between the environment and people. I found that the water in the environment has the same properties as the person in the drifting. I use water to turn the actions of one person into countless, into a group of people walking.





                                                                                                                       Exhibition view, DOUBLE INTERVAL, 23/07/2021-22/08/2021